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Who We Are

Discover more about us and get to know who's making your pies.

I trained as a chef and then worked in Hotels and Pubs doing some amazing food and getting great experience but also coming to understand that in some outlets it can be more about processing food from bulk suppliers. When I met and started to work with Ann, I fell back in love with making delicious food from scratch. Now we are business partners we spend most days making our wonderful Pies and sometimes arguing about how to ensure that they are absolutely perfect.

Phil Boswell

I was always an enthusiastic home cook, but I didn’t ever imagine that I would make Pies for a living. The Pies we make are based on my Mum’s Steak and Ale Pie that she made whilst I was growing up. I used to make them in my 20’s and 30’s to bribe our friends to help us move house or if someone was sick or needed cheering up. Now, the best feeling in my work world is when a customer comes to tell me that they loved eating our Pies and that they have come back to buy more. Phil and I are a small team but we have the benefit of knowing that every Pie that goes out has been cared for, checked and tasted by only us.

Ann Langdon

Our Journey

We are hoping now to convert even more people to our Pies and sell them at Markets as well as expand to pubs, restaurants, and butchers and, hopefully, in the future, have a van to sell hot pies at events and festivals.  

We are passionate about proper pies and handmake our delicious pies from scratch. Our Pies are so special because of our focus on flavour and quality. Our ingredients are fresh, and we only use locally sourced free-range meat. Our popular flavours include Steak & Ale, Lamb & Mint, Chicken & Mushroom and Mushroom & Guinness. Most of the meat for our pies is slow-cooked for 10+ hours to ensure we use every ounce of flavour we can. We also make Vegetarian, Vegan and gluten-free Free Pies so everyone can enjoy our passion. Our proper pies have a shortcrust base and puff pastry top.

We are a start-up business based in Warwickshire. Formerly, our team of two were at the New Bowling Green, Warwick, from 2018 until 2023. Unfortunately, due to the impact of the Pandemic and the economic climate, and despite our success, we could not renew our lease. However, we are very proud of what we achieved as we managed to take the pub on Trip Advisor from a ranking in the mid-70s to the Number 1 pub, and the 3rd Best Restaurant in Warwick. This was due mainly to the popularity and reviews we received for our pies. We received the Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Award for four years, placing us in the Top 10% of Restaurants worldwide.

We Are Supporting:

Marching On With Hendrix

Marching On With Hendrix holds a special place in our hearts, and we are wholeheartedly committed to supporting this cherished charity by contributing towards Hendrix Fest 2024.

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